Samsung Galaxy Europa i5500 phone is a cheap (around £100 in the UK) and useful smartphone, running currently Android OS version 2.1. An upgrade is expected in the near future to the new, more convenient 2.2 version. However, since this is a low-end model, the release priority is lower than that of its elder sisters, such as Samsung Galaxy S. Therefore there is still no certainty about the exact release date or schedule. We'll need to wait patiently for the company to make an announcement.

On some Internet forums you can find references about a 2.2 update for a related model - i5500L. Apparently, some people went ahead and installed it successfully on the original i5500. Read the full (long) discussion here .

Current official OS version 2.1update1 has at least the following, officially confirmed issues:

* The alarm doesn't trigger if the phone is in standby mode. This is true for most people who simply leave the phone as it is overnight and expect to be woken up by the buzz.
* Some SMS messages are delivered more than once, sometimes tens of times. This can be quite a nuisance.

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    March 28, 2011, 3:02 p.m. - Anonymous  
    There are a whole raft of issues with 2.1update1 'phones: Some are maybe less prone than others, it's not really possible to tell which ones though until out of the box.
    March 29, 2011, 5:13 p.m. - Andre  
    Yes, Samsung Europa with Android 2.1 has a number of issues - failed confirmation of SMS messages, alarm clock not working etc. I eventually had to return mine to the retailer. I've bought instead a ZTE Blade aka Orange San Francisco - for the same price much better hardware and easier to upgrade.
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