Algo and electronic trading

I have more than a dozen years of experience working in the major investment banks in London and Hong Kong, developing algo trading solutions for various markets and asset classes. Cash equity, futures and FX, London, Tokyo and New York - I had my fingers in all these pies. I have worked on much smaller projects for individual clients and startups in electronic trading space as well, so can handle small scale trading.

Web development

I started my career about 2 decades ago as a web developer. And although I have let other things to occupy most of my professional time since then, I still come back to the roots to do a project or five for the World Wide Web. I have kept in step with the modern development technologies, including bootstrap, Play!, Django and plenty of others, although no one can honestly claim even to know the names of all the web frameworks out there!


I have done my share of both web and desktop GUI development in my life. While as a UX designer I'm not the best to put it mildly, I have solid understanding of the technical challenges facing an interface writer and the ways to overcome them.

Design, architecture and professional assessments

Quite often I have been called upon to build an architecture for a new product, to asses an existing design or implementation, or to provide professional and independent opinion about an ongoing development effort. This is a kind of intellectual challenge I really enjoy.

DevOps / admin

On one hand, I am definitely not a pure admin or DevOps engineer. On the other hand, I definitely know my way around some major Linux distributions or Windows, can install and configure relevant server software or script necessary activities on a remote machine, including AWS or heroku.


Recently I started researching the world of BitCoin and related products. While there is no doubt that the hype surrounding blockchain and similar technologies exceeds the reality, there are definitely both interesting ideas and potentially profitable opportunities in this new market. I hope to utilise my experience in general development and in algo trading to investigate these further.

Furter reading

My resume can be found here .

Work environment

Most of my working life I have spent in a regular desk job, working successfully in teams large and small. Then in the years 2015-2016 I worked remotely, travelling around the world and working from most exotic places. This has been a most wonderful and life changing experience. And while at the time of writing I'm back in a more traditional working environment, I am definitely looking into going back to working full time from the road.

I tend to travel slowly, spending a lot of time in one place and studying it thoroughly, while giving me ample time and energy to do my daily work and to interact with whatever counter-parties necessary.

Personal and hobbies

In addition to travel, I like reading, both fiction and "serious" literature - history, biographies, science books. Languages is another subject of interest for me - so far I have learned Spanish, Hebrew and English, started on Mandarin Chinese and would like to learn another language or two. In general, the field of linguistics is very appealing to me and I hope that one day I will be able to devote more of my time to it. My favourite way of relaxing is enjoying an evening out with friends when I want company, and wondering in a green park or a forest when I wish to clean my mind.

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