2020 just arrived and it's time for something new. I have been using Drupal since 2006, so we have been together for almost 14 years! It's an impressive journey and I am look back with satisfaction - Drupal is simple to use if it fits the requirements exactly, and I stoically avoided touching any of its smelly PHP bowls. However, with the arrival of Drupal 8 I realised, that I couldn't migrate to it even my simple and straightforward sites. Therefore, I decided to slowly migrate to Django + Wagtail. This will require some coding in Python on my side, but I don't mind that. I will be able to control the look and feel of my content much better with less effort, and I will hopefully enjoy adding an occasional extension here and there.

To facilitate the process, I need a way to extract the data from Drupal. I created an open source Python module for this purpose. It is available on Github, and you can find it here . Feel free to try and share you comments and suggestions. Available under the MIT license.

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