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Jan. 23, 2018, 6:10 a.m. -  andre

I don't really want to put my rate here, but it is within the range I consider appropriate and, what is more important, I am successfully getting from other clients. This should be your guide as well. Maybe aim for US$50? Really depends on your previous experience and on the skills you have. If you specialise in RoR, than you probably will be more in demand than if your language of choice is Haskell. One part of the story remains unknown, namely is Toptal honest or not? They very much non transparent with regards to the end client rate. One hopes that they take a fixed cut and are, therefore, interested in placing you at the highest rate possible. On the other hand, for them the total revenue is much more important, so who knows whether they would pressure you to go for a lower rate just to have some cash flow...

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