So, what is the software that I hate the most? The list could be long, but some applications are internal to places where I worked and are unknown to the rest of the world. From the familiar to an average Internet user things I can mention:

  • Picasa - I already wrote about my feelings toward this bastrad child of Google
  • Windows Media Player - I think its interface is not suitable for music playing and it consumes too much CPU time.
  • Outlook Mail - it is really beyond me, why they cannot create a decent tree-like view of letter threads. Even their own Outlook Express can do it. I wish I could use something else at work
  • Lotus Notes - this most ridiculous piece of garbage has found its way onto corporate workstations only due to IBM's powerful marketing. It's unusable even on modern machines - both from GUI and performance points of view
  • Java (I can imagine huge virtual tomatoes thrown in my direction) - I still don't understand why Sun cannot have neither proper performance nor normal graphics for GUIs. There are quite a few nice frameworks and libraries in Java, and I myself have made good living from programming it, but it doesn't cause me to like the language and its current implementation anyway

To be continued, for sure...

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    March 15, 2007, 6:28 a.m. - Adam Prall  
    I have to agree with you on every single one of those points. To put things into perspective regarding Picasa, remember that it's the only software for Windows that <em>really</em> tries to imitate Apple's iPhoto. But I still think it sucks too :-)
    March 15, 2007, 8:43 a.m. - Andre  
    I must admit, I've never used iPhoto or Mac in general. For the sake of Apple's users, I really hope that the original application is better than Picasa.
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