There used to be quite a few problems, when installing Drupal on GoDaddy's shared hosting. There is a lengthy discussion of the related issues. However, recently GoDaddy fixed a few most serious ones, in particular, they gave users permission to invoke MySQL "TABLE LOCK" command, which was the greatest problem of all. So if you deploy Drupal on GoDaddy now, it should be a very straightforward process.

If you want your Drupal to use PHP5 and not PHP4, which is a good idea if you want slightly higher performance and better handling of Unicode, you will need to make adjustments to your .htaccess, since by default files with .php extension are handled by PHP4. Simply add

# use php5 by default<br />
AddHandler x-httpd-php5 .php<br />
AddHandler x-httpd-php .php4

at the top of the file and it should do the trick.

The only remaining problem for Drupal deployment on GoDaddy remains the fact, that they won't let you create temporary tables in MySQL. This doesn't allow you to use Drupal's built-in search. You have to use either Google or upgrade to a virtual dedicated package (considerably more expensive).

Another problem I've noticed recently is the so called "white screen of death" - occasional blank page, returned by Drupal. The annoying thing is that it only happens in Internet Explorer - in Firefox everything works fine. I couldn't investigate the problem in full, since GoDaddy won't give you access to Apache logs, but I could fix the problem by switching the caching off completely.

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    Jan. 10, 2007, 9:07 p.m. - Anonymous  
    As of last night, godaddy still has the temp table and lock table restriction on my virtual shared package, and there is no way to get to cron with this package. Drupal requires cron, and it's silly to have to pay for a webcron or configure a home computer to hit your site once per hour or so.
    Jan. 11, 2007, 8:12 a.m. - Andre  
    The lack of cron on GoDaddy is really annoying, so I actually have to use the "home computer" solution. Using Lunix most of the time this doesn't require complex setup. Despite all that GoDaddy seems to be good value for money for my current requirements, since I don't want to spend any significant amounts on hosting and my site is very low profile.
    Feb. 4, 2007, 9:25 p.m. - thecarlhall  
    I use GoDaddy for hosting and was able to use the poormanscron module for Drupal to get cron functionality. It's been working great for months.
    Sept. 19, 2006, 8:12 a.m. - Anonymous  
    it took me about 2 days to get something working on my web site, which i think is a good result - i have about zero experience with PHP and Apache. there is another content management system I did not try this one, but from what i read the installation process easier
    Sept. 19, 2006, 8:17 a.m. - Andre  
    Drupal is recognized as a superior CMS tool. And the installation is not that complex at all, if your follow the instructions.
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